Sunrise Tagging

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Sunrise Tagging

Sunrise Tagging

Nothing like a little sanctioned vandalism first thing in the morning.  Sunrise tagging is the thing to do at Cadillac Ranch where 10 Cadillacs are buried with their butts sticking in the air.

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Before the Sunrise

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After Dawn

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Heading West

We’re heading west to Tucumcari, New Mexico.  On the drive I talked to my cousin Kimberly Little (author of several books).  Her and her family live near Albuquerque and we’re hoping to meet when we travel through town.

We stopped at the midway point of Route 66.  It’s just east of the New Mexico State Line.  There’s a diner and a gift shop next door.

The lady at the Sunflower gift shop was the inspiration for Flo in the movie Cars.  We took a picture with her and she signed a postcard I bought.

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Me, Paul and Fran (aka Flo)


We got to Tucumcari sooner than we expected.  We gained an hour because we went from Central to Mountain time.  While having an extra hour sounds great, we’re beat.  The day has worn us out.

Our motel Quality Inn is VERY clean.  While it’s a very old hotel, it has recently been going through updates.  My room as new carpet and is one of the cleanest rooms I’ve ever stayed in at a motel.

The staff here has been great too.  I HIGHLY recommend Quality Inn here in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

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Room at Tucumcari Quality Inn

The pool was nice an refreshing giving it reached about 100 today.

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The Pool at the Quality Inn in Tucumcari, New Mexico

Old Cars, New Friends

I spotted this place with a bunch of old cars, mostly Ramblers, behind a chain link fence.  The sign warned it is private property and guarded by a dog who will bite.  There was a phone number on the fence.  I was about to call it when a man in a big pickup truck pulled up and his front plate read, “Rambler”.

He was on the phone, but he opened the gate, and beckoned us in.  He motioned as if to say, “take pictures”.

We did, and later he got off the phone.  He was so nice.  He invited us to have a bottle of water or soda, and let us take photos of whatever we wanted to photograph.

I had to get a picture of this AMC hood ornament.

copyright 2017 db walton

American Motors Hood Ornament

I never knew AMC had hood ornaments.

We had a fun time visiting with him.

Lots of Thanks

A lots of thanks to day to…

  • MoLight – for great lighting products that can be used on location
  • Bay Photo Labs – We had fun placing Bay Photo stickers where allowed
  • Republic Wireless – great coverage today!
  • Quality Inn – for a couple of very nice rooms for Paul and me, a nice clean pool for us to refresh ourselves in, and great recommendations for dinner (Dell’s Diner)
  • Danny – for the cold bottle of water on a very hot day.


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Another Walker

Another Walker

We ran in to another walker this morning.  This guy is 79 and walking the full Route 66.  He expects to complete his walk around Thanksgiving time.  His name is Sonny.

Sonny brightened our day.  He has walked nearly every major path in the USA. He walked the Lewis and Clark Trail east to west and then turned around later and walked form west to east.  Pacific Coast Trail?  Of course, and many more.

After leaving Sonny just outside Elk City, Oklahoma, we ran in to a couple of ladies from Scotland riding motorcycles across the U.S.A. on Route 66 – Rachael and Katrina.  We not only ran in to them at a Route 66 Museum, but then again at Slug Bug Ranch, and again at dinner tonight.

Last Night’s Stay

Our stay last night was courtesy the Econo Lodge in Elk City, Oklahoma.  Connected to the hotel is a small dinner.  We decided to walk across the lobby for dinner.  The food was great, and the place was BUSY!

This morning, breakfast was included with our room, so we ate at the diner again.  The biscuits and sausage gravy was the best I’d ever tasted.  It must be that southern touch.  Again, they were busy and PACKED.

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Lobby of Our Hotel We Stayed In Last Night

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Last night’s Hotel = Econo Lodge, Elk City, Oklahoma

Goodbye to Oklahoma

Western Oklahoma is pretty desolate and depressed.  Many of the towns along Route 66 look like Ghost Towns already (and are close to it).  It’s sad people are moving to big cities and metropolis areas.  There’s a lot of pretty country out there where one could live cheaply.

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Miles of Road

Hello Texas

It was funny.  There was a Welcome to Texas sign, but no “Leaving Oklahoma” sign.  On the other side of the road, there was no Welcome to Oklahoma sign either.  Later, there was another Welcome to Texas sign.  We decided it must be no-man’s territory.

Here’s a gallery of images from Texas from Texola to Amarillo…

PPA Affiliates

Paul and I have a great presentation about our findings on Route 66 and how they relate to photographers.  We’d love to come to your PPA Affiliate to present our show.

Thank You

Thank you Bay Photo.  We continue to give out sample cards.  Thank you Republic Wireless.  The service is working great.   And, a special thank you to Econo Lodge for the room last night.