Stan Kenton

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Stan Kenton

Stan Kenton

I grew up on Stan Kenton. I’ll start today’s post with his band’s cover of Route 66.  This one rises to the front of the post and not the end.

I wonder how many people remember Stan Kenton’s band.  I am thankful my mom had a collection of his records.

Getting Ready

Getting ready for an event like this is a huge undertaking. The biggest job is lining up sponsors.  We can use all the help we can get.

For this reason we ask for all reader’s help.  If  you are not in a position to sponsor the trip, read our sponsorship page, and then let us know if you have a contact name and phone number for us.  For example, if you know someone at one of the big camera companies, restaurant management, hotel management, etc., we’d like a referral we can follow up on.

Better yet, if you are in a position to grease the skids for us, please let us know.  Just e-mail

Some talking points to share with your friend…

  • In return for sponsorship we are will be plugging the sponsors’ business
  • Our web posts will increase S.E.O. for our sponsors’ websites.
  • We offer several options.  Click here.


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I’ll address heartbreakers and broken hearts later.  Before I do that, let’s look at what else we will do on this trip.

Do you know what a Flat Stanley is?

Flat Stanley

A Flat Stanley is a child’s drawing of a guy (we call him Stanley) that travels all around the world.  As he travels with his traveling companions, his traveling companions take pictures of Stanley in exotic, far away places.

Your Flat Stanley Opportunity

Here is your Flat Stanley Opportunity…

We will take your Flat Stanley on Route 66 with us.  To do this, you must do the following:

  1. Sponsor us for a minimum of $100.
  2. Print a Flat Stanley (many templates available on-line – click here to see), color him (or her… we don’t discriminate).
  3. Send us your Flat Stanley along with a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE).

Here is what we will do…

  1. We will only accept 7 Flat Stanley’s – one for each day, Sunday through Saturday.
  2. On your Stanley’s day will will take a picture of Stanley wherever we are that day.
  3. We will post the picture of YOUR Stanley on our Facebook page and in our blog that day.
  4. When we complete our trip, your SASE will be mailed from the nearest mailbox we find at the western terminus of Route 66.

Wouldn’t this be a cool gift for a grandchild, someone you miss, someone who needs a little extra love and attention, or just to get noticed?


  1. We will not accept Flat Stanley’s without meeting the sponsorship requirement of $100 (minimum).
  2. Flat Stanley must be tastefully clothed (no exposed body parts between the shoulders and the knees).
  3. Flat Stanley cannot have an text or markings on him except for the following:  Route 66 sign, the text, “US Route 66” or “Route 66” or “US 66”.
  4. If you don’t include a SASE your Flat Stanley cannot be returned.
  5. We will not take requests for where and when we photograph Flat Stanley.  (i.e. You may not ask for a photo of him by the Grand Canyon, or in Winslow, Arizona, etc.)
  6. Please write your contact information on the back of your Flat Stanley.
  7. Your Flat Stanley must be no taller than 11″ or wider than 8.5″ and no thicker than 1/8th of an inch.
  8. We will not guarantee Stanley will be 100% protected from the elements.  We will do all we can to protect him/her from rain, dust and wind, but he will be exposed to the elements.  He may return as a well seasoned traveler.

For in-kind sponsorships, please visit

Click here to register for a Flat Stanley Sponsorship.

For Your Entertainment

While I’m not a big Tom Petty fan, I knew a lot of kids growing up who were.  Here’s Tom Petty performing the Route 66 Song…