Loving Route 66

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Loving Route 66

Loving Route 66

Loving Route 66 is easy for me.  I miss the days of carhops, drive-ins and full-service gas stations.  Even on Route 66 you won’t find a lot of those still in existence, but seeing the remains of an era  gone by is worth the drive.

copyright 2016 db walton

Full Service Days

I remember the attendant opening the hood, pulling the shop rag from his pocket, wiping the dipstick and measuring the oil level.

“You’re a quart low,” the attendant would say, “would you like me to add a quart?”

copyright 2016 db walton

Ned’s Oil & Stuff

They checked the radiator, the tires, cleaned the windshield, and more.  It came at a price, but gasoline was 33 cents a gallon.  They sold tires, belts, radiator caps, light bulbs and they installed them too.

Route 66 is a reminder of an era past.  That’s why I’m loving Route 66.  I love Route 66 and this trip proves it.


About 12 years ago I drove Route 66 with  my younger kids.  My daughter and son pointing to objects and asking, “What is that?”  I explained that oil came in cans, phones had “dials” and how to dial a phone number, and soda bottles were in a cooler filled with water.

Fully restored artifacts exist at some stops.  I enjoy seeing an old Coke machine, and a rotary pay phone hanging on the wall.  These things bring back memories, and who doesn’t like good memories?

For Your Entertainment

Here is some jazz guitar.  Brian Setzer is probably best known for the group Stray Catz.  His rockabilly style is a bit subdued in this piece, but I think you’ll enjoy the guitar playing.

Here’s a new on for me. Brian Setzer does Route 66…

What If Wish List

What if Canon were to sponsor us.  I’d want to go full-frame AND the new mirrorless M5.  We’re not going to be picky about who and what the camera sponsor does, but this much will be necessary for an exclusivity of sponsorship…

It must include two complete systems (full-frame and/or ASP-C).  They must be the latest production models (or pre-production is okay too.)

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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

Life is a highway when you’re traveling on Route 66.  By highway, I don’t mean freeway or Interstate.  I mean HIGH WAY.  It’s the better way to travel.

I never drove Route 66 when it was the main artery from Chicago to L.A.  I was too young and we lived too far away, however I remember much of those Americana icons.  I remember the top loading soda machines, the cans of oil, full-service service stations, Burma Shave signs, and other things you find along Route 66.

Why I-40 Killed Route 66

People ask why I-40 killed Route 66.  To understand why, watch the movie Cars.  While it is a cartoon, it explains what happened.  With an interstate freeway, people stop less often, and when they do stop, they stop at freeway exits.

The old way of travel took you through tiny towns.  You drove by mom-and-pop stores.  You might very well find a service station in the middle of nowhere.  True, it took longer to get from point A to B, but it is the journey that matters.


And now for your entertainment…

Life is a Highway, from the movie Cars, by Rascal Flatts applies to Route 66.  It’s not the Route 66 theme song, but the movie Cars is all about Route 66.

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