Two Weeks

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Two Weeks

Two Weeks

Two weeks from today Paul and I jump in the mystery car to drive and document Route 66.  (It’s a mystery car because (a) we don’t know what it is, and (b) we don’t have a car sponsor yet.)  It is exciting to think it is this close.

Jazz Lag

I’m sharing this post from Jazz Lag for your enjoyment.  It has been a while since I shared the song.  It’s time to start getting in the mood.


I’m advertising photography by db walton llc as we go.  For cooperative models I have a nice “capturing beauty” mirror.  So, if you’re along Route 66, and I walk up and ask to take your picture and sign a release, you’ll receive a cool little hand mirror.  Every time you look  in it you’ll be reminded I captured the beauty in you.

The back of the mirror has our Route 66 Photographers logo and website addresses.

Once we start the trip, it might be hard to squeeze your ad in.  If you want mention, do it now.  Visit our advertise link.  Oh, and if you have a specific message for your business, include it and we’ll read it on a broadcast.


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34 Days

34 Days

34 days and I breakout the road trip music.  Various covers of Route 66 will be in the mix, as well as other great travel songs.

Here’s one of my favorites…

Who doesn’t like Steppenwolf?

What are your favorite road trip songs?

Post them to our Facebook page.

Here are a few more of mine…

  • Anything by the Eagles (especially Take it Easy)
  • Earth, Wind and Fire’s September (we’re leaving in September!)
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Travelin’ Band
  • Johnny Cash’s I’ve Been Everywhere
  • T. Rex’ Get It On
  • Beach Boys Little Duce Coupe (and most anything else by the Beach Boys)
  • and more…

Let’s hear about some of yours.  Our facebook page is

Next Few Weeks

Next few weeks I will be devoting time to getting ready.  On a long trip like this we plan to make stops at stores for provisions, however, there are simply things you can’t forget.

An example of something you can stop and purchase would be shaving cream.  However, if you forget a prescription you might not be able to stop and get it quickly.  Planning is of the essence.

My biggest fear is I’ll have everything I need to take pictures and I’ll forget clean socks.