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Dr. Feelgood

When I think of Route 66, I feel good.  It sounds like Dr. Feelgood does too. Listen to his cover of the Route 66 Song.

Route 66 Trivia

How about some Route 66 trivia.  We’ll throw some at you from time to time.

Today’s trivia is this…

Route 66 was commissioned 11/11/1926.  (It just had it’s 90th Anniversary…. well, sort of… It’s now de-commissioned, but it was still 90 years ago that it became a highway.)

It took 9 years before it was paved end to end.  That’s right, in 1926 only 800 miles of it were paved.  We take pavement for granted these days.  Back then you could drive a U.S. Highway and it could turn in to a dirt road.  You had to plan your vacations carefully.  Today’s paved Interstate system is a blessing.

Want to Meet Us on Route 66?

Do you want to meet us on Route 66?

Follow our blog and Facebook pages.  By doing this you can find out where we are, and where we plan to be in the next few days.  Starting Labor Day this year we will provide you with up-to-the-minute updates.

Contact us and we will tell you where we plan to be and we will coordinate a meetup.  Photographers can join with us and shoot along side us.  Models, we will take pictures of you and share them with the world (and you).  Classic car owners, we will take pictures of your car and share them with you too.  Simply coordinate with us while we are on the road.

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Video Coming

Video Coming

We have a video coming soon.  We will post a video, once available, that is a sample of what we will post as we drive Route 66.  We hope to have it posted in the next week or two.

Meet Up Requests

We have received many meet up requests.  For example, a group of motorcycle riders asked if they can meet us part way and follow us for a while.  Of course! The best thing to do is monitor this web site and our Facebook page.


Did you know you can watch old episodes of Route 66 on Hulu?

For those who didn’t grow up in that era, and those who miss it, you can watch them on Hulu.


Sponsoring this trip is an affordable way to advertise.  Route 66 has a following, and we intend for all our followers to know those businesses that are making this trip possible.  We’re only starting.  In a year we should have thousands of followers!

Sponsors, get your kicks on Route 66!

copyright 2016 db walton - Video Coming

Bottle Tree Forest

For Your Entertainment

We’re on the lookout for Route 66 covers.  Here’s a live rendition that has a 1940-ish feel.

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For clarification sake, we want to reiterate that this tour is being taken by Paul Bardotz and D. Brent Walton.  It is not open to the public to join them.  (Sorry, perhaps another time.)  If you want to follow along, you may do so but we will not be reserving your hotel room, providing transportation, or meals.  We will communicate where people can meet up with us.

However, if you watch this blog and follow our Facebook page you can keep track of where we are along the tour.  If you want to meet up with us as we drive through your city, or as you drive Route 66, that’s the way to do it – watch and follow our blog and Facebook pages.

Again, for clarification sake, this is not a “tour” as in a guided tour, but two photographers doing an in depth tour of Route 66.  Others may join us but they are responsible for their own transportation, meals and lodging.

Get On The Car!

Get on the car!  Your magnetic sticker that is. We will put your magnetic sign on our touring car if you qualify.  See http://route66photographers.com/sponsorships/ for details.  Like a racecar with its sponsors stickers, we’ll be cruising Route 66 displaying our sponsor’s logos.

It’s more than just having your logo on the car.  Nightly mentions, Facebook posts, and more will give your company some great exposure.  Look at our sponsorship page and see what benefits come with sponsorships.

We’ll be using products provided by sponsors.  That’s right, even down to the cameras we shoot, we’ll be using their products where applicable.

So, get on board!

And now…

And now for your entertainment, here’s Depeche Mode’s version of Route 66…

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Next Year

Next Year

Next year will bring some exciting adventures, the least of which will not be our Route 66 Photographers Tour.  We are taking our time, and we’re doing it right.  We plan on averaging about 100 miles a day.

I anticipate some of those days we’ll drive a good stretch before taking any photos.  Other days we’ll be shooting most of the day and hardly doing any driving.  There will be days too when we pass something, turn around, go back and shoot it.


Conversation is the key to the backstory.  The backstory is the story behind the photograph which we will tell as we travel along.  We will converse with the folks we meet on Route 66, take their pictures, and tell their stories.

My last trip down a portion of Route 66 I met Elmer.  Elmer is the creator of the Bottle Tree Forest near San Bernardino, California.

copyright 2016 db walton

Elmer – Bottle Tree Sculpture

The backstory to this picture is, Elmer lives out here in the desert.  He spends his days searching for bottles in the desert.  He brings them home and posts them on a rebar tree.  His forest has become a Route 66 attraction.

copyright 2016 db walton

Bottle Tree Forest – Route 66

Make sure you follow us and be part of this epic adventure for more backstories and photos.

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Our YouTube channel will be available soon.


Sponsorships are available now.  Early-birds get an advantage.  Many of our sponsorships have a first-come/first-serve prioritization.

How does that work?

For example, when we do our nightly broadcast, those who sponsored us first will be mentioned earlier in the show.  You’ll be higher on our web listings, and you’ll get to pick your spot on the car.

It pays to be early!

For Your Entertainment

If you want see some of the places we will visit, watch this cool video by Jakub Gorajek and Sylwia Gorajek set to Depeche Mode’s version of the Route 66 theme song.