5 Days

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5 Days

5 Days

Only 5 days left.  Paul and I are excited.  I’ve been packing and making runs to the store to get last minute items.  This will be epic.

I will consider doing a vlog tomorrow when we pick up the rental car.  Sorry, can’t tell you what and where we’re renting it.  We will not have an “official Route 66 car”.

Road Tunes

Putting together road tunes is fun.  I’m finding ones that deal with travel, ones that are easy to sing along with, and ones with a good beat.  I found this on YouTube.  Perhaps I can find it on Amazon Music.

I discovered Morgan James a few months ago.  She’s got a soulful sound and puts passion in her music.  I love her style.

XM Radio from the rental car company is about $8 a day.  That’s crazy.  I hope the radio in the rental has a phono jack or USB.

Road Snacks

Road snacks have to be neat and not make a mess.  I’m taking nuts and granola bars.  Sparkling water is my choice of drink.

We plan to stop every hour of driving.  That gives us opportunity to grab something fresh or cooked.  In addition, it allows us to stretch our legs.

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Roll Over Beethoven

Roll Over Beethoven

While Chuck Berry might be best known for Roll Over Beethoven, he also covered the Route 66 Theme Song.  Enjoy this version as only Chuck Berry could do…

Less Than 8 Months

In less than 8 months Paul and Brent will embark on this epic adventure.  That may seem like it is a ways off, but it will be here before you know it.

When asked, ‘What will you be driving?’ it pains us to say… “We don’t know.”

For that reason, we are looking for a major sponsor to provide our wheels for the trip.  This can be a rental car company, a car dealership, a car manufacturer, or even a car collector.

We’re flexible too.  We can drive the car round-trip from Rochester, New York, or we can pick up the car in Chicago, IL, and drop it off in Los Angeles.  We’re willing to work with the sponsor.

If you’d like to be considered for this sponsorship, give us a call.  Call Brent’s cell phone at (925) 759-3002.


When it comes to eats, we’ll be photographing every place we stop and eat.  Special mention will be given to those diners along the way who see fit to comp our meals.  Those who do will receive a special 8×10 photo, suitable for framing, courtesy of Bay Photo Labs.  This is in addition to being mentioned on our nightly BLOG and VLOG.