Our Sponsors

If you want to see your logo on this page, become one of our sponsors!  AND on our tour updates and videos, it is time to send in your sponsorship.  See our sponsorship page at http://www.route66photographers.com/sponsorships


It is our policy while on this tour to only mention products and/or services of our sponsors.  We will not mention the brands or models of equipment used unless that company has sponsored our tour.   Most of all, this is to be fair to those who are supporting us on this trip.

Furthermore we will mention on-the-road contributions.  This includes meals and hotels being comp’d.

In addition, sponsors in non-exclusivity sponsorships may see competitive products being presented.  In such cases, we will do our best to assure a balance of representation in our blog and vlog.  In fact, we may even compare products side by side, and again, do si in an unbiased manner.

List of Sponsors (in alphabetical order):

Sponsors are listed by exclusive sponsors first, non-exclusive sponsors next, followed by patron sponsors (in alphabetical order for each section).

Bay Photo Labs (an exclusive sponsor)

Bay Photo Labs Logo - - sponsorsWe are proud to have Bay Photo Labs as a sponsor!

Bay Photo Lab has a long history of innovative photographic printing and photo finishing services. Located in the coastal redwoods outside of Santa Cruz, California, we have been providing Professional Photographers with the highest quality printing and customer service for nearly 40 years. Bay Photo is committed to providing personal attention and a wide range of products. We pride ourselves on our quality printing and fast delivery.

Bring your images to Bay Photo, and join the many professional photographers who depend on us for outstanding quality, excellent value and exceptional customer service.

 Republic Wireless (an exclusive sponsor)

Republic Wireless

Combining fast nationwide 4G LTE cell service with the power of WiFi, Republic Wireless  offers better coverage, in more places, for less money. Learn more at www.RepublicWireless.com

Republic Wireless will be our exclusive provider of wireless and data coverage while we drive Route 66.  Their proprietary method of transferring calls on and off WiFi works seamlessly.  It also saves you money!

ACDSee Software

ACDSee Software has joined as one of our sponsors.  Brent has been using ACDSee since the early 2000’s and will be able to share some workflow tips.  In addition, we’ll be trying out ACDSee Video for the first time.

Alien Skin Software

We will be using Alien Skin Exposure X2.  We’re excited to produce images using Exposure.  Any of you who know Brent know he’s always looking for alternatives to Adobe’s Cloud products.  Watch what this program can do!


Anthropics has provided us with their award winning software.  As we travel Route 66 you will see images retouched by their software:  PortraitPro, LandscapePro, PortraitPro Body and Smart Photo Editor.  Use the code Route66 and you will receive 15% off your first order!

Fine Art by DB:

copyright 2016 db walton - sponsors

Fine Art by DB is a proud sponsor of our 2017 Route 66 tour.  Here at Fine Art by DB we feature fine art paintings and photographs, ready to hang on your wall, for your home, office or business.  Visit their store at www.FineArtbyDB.com today.  Our Americana gallery features images from Route 66, and after our 2017 tour, we will create a Route 66 specific gallery!


MoLightMoLight features the popular line up of innovative Godox flashes, including the AD360II, AD200, AD600BM and V860II flash systems and accessories for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus/Panasonic and Fuji. We also feature our own proprietary line of softboxes, beauty dishes and reflectors. Based right in the heartland of the USA and shipped quickly to your door.


Nataliacha Doodley Do

Nataliacha Doodley Do crcopyright Natalie Fryer - sponsorseated our Route 66 Photographers logo!  Her whimsical style lightens the heart and soul.  Visit her RedBubble store here.  During our Route 66 Tour, Nataliacha Doodley Do will be posting Route 66 art inspired by some of our photos.


On1 has jumped on board and we’ll be using their Photo RAW 2017.  Brent and Paul are excited to implement their RAW post processing.  (In fact, Brent’s taking a workshop just before the trip from Jim LaSala and part of that workshop covers On1’s Photo RAW!)

Topaz Labs

Topaz Labs‘ Mission is that they strive to make the finest photo editing experience you can find.They believe the best products are capable to get out of the way, allow a user to focus on their task at hand, and complete their task painlessly. It’s a marriage of technology, usability and overall experience that allows it all to work.

To achieve that at Topaz Labs, they work continuously to improve every aspect of their business, from their customer service to their website to their products to the technology that power them. They firmly believe that the only way to create great products is to learn and constantly improve upon them, and so they release many updates that enhance the functionality and usability of the software.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/topazlabs/ @topazlabs
Twitter: https://twitter.com/topazlabs @topazlabs
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/topazlabs/ @topazlabs

What if section…

In this section we’ll post suggested ideas for various vendors.  Thus we call this, “What if so-n-so sponsored us?”

These listings are in alphabetical order:


Here’s an example. If B&H or Fujifilm were to sponsor us, here’s an item that would be on our wishlist: