Model: Asia Perkins

Model: Asia Perkins

My name is Asia Perkins.  I am currently applying to graduate school so I can obtain my PhD in clinical psychology with a focus on developmental psychopathology.   Recently I’ve committed to modeling more regularly. I chose to meet with you because it’s a neat concept;  I can’t wait to see all of the images you create on your journey.  I plan to wear 1950s style clothing to match the time period of the dome.

I’m excited to work with you on your Route 66 trip because I love travel and exploring things in other places, even if it’s through someone else’s journey.  I’ve always wanted to go on a cross country road trip, so I’m really excited to help you explore this part of the country while you complete your own trip. Many people tend to bypass the old highway to save some time, so it’s wonderful that you’ll be exploring some of the history of Route 66.

I chose the Gold Dome, because it’s a great piece of architecture from the late 1950s

copyright 2017 Melanie Foster Photography

Model: Asia Perkins (photo by Melanie Foster Photography)

and it was the first bank of its kind.  I’ve lived near the Gold Dome for nearly my entire life, and have many memories of visiting it as a child when it was still a bank and then when attending a middle school Halloween dance when it had been redeveloped. I know a lot of people believe that there isn’t anything cool in Oklahoma because it’s not a bustling or popular state, but that’s simply not true. There’s something for everyone here, and we warmly welcome visitors.