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Casting Call

Casting Call

This is sort of a casting call.  Paul and I are looking for people to photograph as we travel Route 66.  You don’t have to be a professional model.  In fact, you don’t have to be a model at all.  (Although, models are always welcome!)  Also, you could be a guy with a very cool car and want pictures of your car.  That’s cool too.

For models, we encourage you to dress for where you plan to meet us.  If you plan to meet us at a 50s diner, dress in 50s attire.  But, you don’t have to play dress up for the shoot.

If you’re a car or motorcycle owner, you can have your picture taken with your car (or motorcycle) or just the car/motorcycle by itself.  This is a chance to make your car/motorcycle famous… and possible you too.

How This Works

Here is how this works…

  • Look at our travel plans at
  • If there is a day and location that works for you to meet up with us, contact me at and let me know the day and location.
  • In your e-mail, include the following:
    • Your name
    • The best phone number to reach you at (and let us know if you accept text messages)
    • A picture of yourself so we’ll recognize you
    • A short paragraph of why you are meeting us at the Route 66 location.
  • When the day gets close (1-2 days before) we will contact you and let you know if we are running ahead or behind schedule.
  • You must be flexible on the time of day.  We are driving from Chicago to L.A. over a 30+ day period.
  • When we meet, you’ll have to sign a release.
  • We’ll take a few pictures (it won’t take very long).  We’ll shoot until we get some good usable photos
  • That night, you’ll see your picture on our blog, social media pages and/or in our vlog.
  • We’ll e-mail you copies of the pictures we publish.
copyright 2017 db walton - casting call

Standing on a Corner in Winslow, Arizona

We Cannot

  • We cannot photograph minor children without a parent signing a release.  And, we cannot photograph minor children without the parents being present the entire time.
  • We cannot offer financial compensation for your modeling.  This isn’t that type of venture.
  • We cannot guarantee we will agree to meet up with everyone.  Schedules are very nebulous for our tour.  We will not leave you in the lurch if we say we will meet you, but if we have to cancel, we’ll do so at least 24 hours in advance.  (We’d expect the same from you.)
  • We cannot provide “copyrights” to the images.  That would involve legal fees and involving lawyers.  But, we will give you license to share whatever files we send to you on social media, your personal website, and e-mail them to friends and family.  If you want prints, we are partnering with Bay Photo Labs.  You’ll be able to order professional prints at


In summary, this casting call is simply… we want to meet you and photograph you as we take this epic journey.

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Children on the Road

Children on the Road

Road trips with the family are especially fun.  My first venture on Route 66 was by happenstance.  We had a car full of children and saw a sign, “Historic Route 66 – Next Exit.”  So, we took it.  With children on the road you need to keep them entertained.  Route 66 accomplished that.

copyright 2004 Zack Walton

Grand Canyon – A Short Detour off Route 66

We also took a short detour to the Grand Canyon.  None of us had seen it before, myself included.

Keeping Them Occupied

Keeping the children occupied is always a challenge.  My wife makes up puzzles (oh, and she published her first puzzle book.  Click here.)  I would make quizzes and scavenger hunt pages.  All of these go in to a folder — one for each child.  This keeps them occupied between stops.

Thank You Nicole

Thank you Nicole for bringing to our attention a very nice Route 66 overview.  Nicole’s mom e-mailed me  a link to this very cool page.

On that page is this link to a nice end-to-end overview:

Their family is planning a road trip and found our website and sent us a nice thank you email and found our site of value for planning their trip.  Nicole’s mom is thinking of creating a blog for their trip.  When she does, we will definitely feature it here.

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Before Decommissioning

Before Decommissioning

This video shows portions of Route 66 before decommissioning.  The video is an hour and 45 minutes long, but it presents a good overview of Route 66.  It’s worth watching…

I like how this video presents the people and communities.  While it is from the 1980s, it presents the importance of Route 66 and it’s place in history.  Imagine riding a bus for a week while traveling from Chicago to L.A.  Today, people fly.  Back then people couldn’t afford to fly, so they took the bus.

Bloody 66, Mother Road, and other nicknames have been given this highway.  Because you cannot drive it end-to-end any more, few people get off the Interstate to drive it.  That’s why we’re driving it.

Our Tour

Our tour will be spread out over a month.  We know many of you will never get a chance to drive Route 66.  For this reason we want to provide you with a virtual road trip along Route 66.

Paul and Brent plan to stop at every significant attraction – man made or natural.  Come night time, if we have access to the Internet, our pictures and videos will go online.  Our blog will post here along with links to our videos and social media posts.  We will also Tweet updates as they happen — signal strength permitting.


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Every Day is a Winding Road

Every Day is a Winding Road

There are parts of Route 66 where the road is straight as an arrow.  Conversely, there are parts of Route 66 that wind and twist.  You’ll see both on Route 66.

Oatman, Arizona is an example of one twisty, dangerous, stretch of road.  Several locations along Route 66 leading up to Oatman have cars that have gone over the side.  It’s part of the attraction of Route 66.

copyright 2016 db walton - Every Day is a Winding Road

Route 66 Leading Up to Oatman

Yet, the road leading up to Oatman from the west side is long and straight until you hit the base of the mountain.  (By the way, note in the above photo the condition of the road.  Let me remind you, much of Route 66 is maintained by local businesses and people.)


copyright 2016 db walton - Every Day is a Winding Road

A Straight Section of Route 66

Sheryl Crow

Speaking of winding roads, here’s Sheryl Crow singing Every day is a Winding Road.

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Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

I’m reminded of a birthday girl today.  The first time I ever drove  I think my daughter Crystali got as much of a kick as I did.  We had visited the Grand Canyon, but I think she had more fun on Route 66 than she did at the canyon.

copyright 2016 db walton

Oil Cans

She, and the other children, were surprised that oil came in cans (see above).  A spigot sat nearby.  I explained how it worked.  It was an example of why things like this are important.  Route 66 is part of history.

copyright 2016 db walton

Chicago to L.A.


Sponsorships are available for any business, anywhere.    Watch our sample VLOG by clicking here.  If you want, we’ll even mention your city when we post about your business.

“A special thanks to Bay Photo Labs in Scotts Valley, California,” is an example of what we will say.

Displaying your logo on our web site with a link to your website will increase your website’s search engine optimization too.

Bay Photo Labs Logo


For Your Entertainment

Van Morrison sang Moondance back in the early 70s. It was one of my favorite songs.

I didn’t realize he also covered the Route 66 song.  Here’s a great rendition of the theme song…

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The Stones

The Stones

There are a lot of rocks along Route 66, but what does the Rolling Stones have to do with Route 66?

Read on to find out.

Speaking of stones, there are some beautiful rock formations on and near Route 66.  It is near the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion’s Canyon and Canyon de Chelly.  Oatman, Arizona, is on top of a rocky mountain.

copyright 2016 db walton - The Stones

Near Oatman, Arizona

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, while not on Route 66, is only an hour’s drive north.  If you’re in Williams, Arizona, it is worth spending a day at the Grand Canyon.  The entire canyon is made of STONES.

copyright 2016 db walton

Grand Canyon

Brent’s last visit to the Grand Canyon was in February, 2008.  Snow dusted the canyon walls (yes, they get snow there), and it was windy, blustery, cold.  This created a sharp contrast between the red rock walls and the white snow.

copyright 2016 db walton

Lone Pine Tree

The above tree was photographed at Desert View during the snow storm.  The snow filled air created this haze over the canyon.  Normally, from this vantage point you can see the canyon below.  Not this day.  The dramatic weather created an additional danger which makes it all the more beautiful.

Brent and Paul don’t expect to hit snow next September, but they will visit the canyon.  Depending on time they might also visit the other canyons near Route 66.  The trip is about Route 66, and not the canyons, however they hope to show people the scenery nearby.

Even the Stones Did Route 66

Route 66 is so popular the British Rock Band the Rolling Stones recorded a Route 66 cover.  Listen while Mick Jagger sings the iconic hit by Bobby Troup.

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Get Your Kicks

Get Your Kicks

When someone mentions Route 66, do you immediately think, “Get your kicks on Route 66”?

If you do, you’re not alone.  A lot of people think that.

What’s on Route 66 that justifies the lyrics, “Get your kicks on Route 66”?

Today it is mostly iconic diners and businesses, many of which have been restored.  Then, in big cities, like Pasadena, California, there are modern businesses that didn’t exist when Route 66 was in its prime.

Back in the pre-Interstate highway days, Route 66 hosted many gas stations, motels and restaurants.   It wasn’t unusual for your car to overheat on Route 66 in California, Arizona or other southwestern states.  For that reason, there were service stations and garages along the way.

copyright 2016 db walton

Abandoned Gas Station

More Than Just Ghost Towns

Route 66 is more than just ghost towns.  There are small communities that have survived the I-40 devastation. (When Interstate 40 was opened, many businesses and communities died.)  These communities benefit from the tourist traffic.  They host gift shops, restaurants, and other delights for the Route 66 travelers today.

copyright 2016 db walton

Diner in San Bernadino

Once you hit the L.A. basin, those portions of Route 66 are thriving as they are surface streets in cities like Pasadena and Santa Monica, for example.  It is when you get out of town that Route 66 becomes a piece of Americana from the past.

copyright 2016 db walton

Oatman, Arizona

Here’s Bobby Troup…

For your entertainment, here’s Bobby Troup’s version of the Route 66 theme song.  Bobby Troup WROTE the song, and then Nat King Cole brought it to the top of the Billboard hits that same year. (click here for the Wikipedia story)  Since then at least 50 artists have covered the Route 66 Song.


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Remembering Glenn Frey

Remembering Glenn Frey

What does remembering Glenn Frey have to do with Route 66?

Many may not realize it, but Route 66 goes through Winslow, Arizona.  For those not old enough to know, Glenn Frey was in a band called the Eagles.  They sung a song named Take It Easy that is about a young man standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.  Yup, on Route 66.

In my generation, every young man dreamed of standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, waiting for that cute girl to drive by.  I think any young man back then who claims he didn’t have that fantasy is lying.  The song was epic and on everyone’s lips.

Glenn died this earlier this year.  A few years earlier he recorded the Route 66 Theme Song.

Winslow, Arizona

When we get to Winslow, Arizona, we will be photographing that very corner.  Perhaps we’ll find a girl in a flatbed Ford to photograph. (We’ll take volunteers if you want to meet us there.)

copyright 2016 db walton

Winslow, Arizona – A Girl and a Flatbed Ford


Sponsoring us can be specific as saying, “I want to sponsor your Winslow, Arizona, portion of the trip.”   We can talk about what that means and what it will require.  The nice thing about these sponsorships is we’re flexible.

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Welcome to Route 66!

Welcome to our Route 66 Photographer’s website.  We are live!

Here is a map to our web site:

  • Home – just as it implies.  That’s our landing page.  You will find the latest blog entries at the bottom of this page.
  • About –  Paul’s and Brent’s biographies.
    • Tour dates – these are estimated dates of where we plan to be.
    • Route links – these are other Route 66 websites.
  • Sponsorships – This tells about sponsorship opportunities.  This is a “must visit” for business owners and managers.
  • Sponsors –  This lists our sponsors.
  • Models – Are you a model?  Do you want to meet us along the way?  Check out this page.
  • Terms of Use – Think twice before spamming us.  You need to read this page before you spam us.

Check Back Often

copyright 2016 db walton

Road to Oatman

Check back often.  We are updating this site constantly.  It will be updated regularly before the tour, during the tour, and for a period after the tour.  Who knows, we may do this again in which case we’ll update it then too.

copyright 2016 db walton

Route 66 Highway

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned because we are offering branded  items.  Shirts, hats and bags are all on the list of Route 66 Photographer tours items will will sell.  Watch our blog for the announcement.