Day 3 – Lincoln to Springfield

Lincoln to Springfield

We’re still on Day 3 in this recap as we drive from Lincoln to Springfield.  Illinois is definitely the land of Lincoln.  You can’t go anywhere without seeing some reference to Abraham Lincoln.

The last post mentioned the Lincoln theatre in Lincoln.  Well, it’s not the only one…

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Theatre Row in Lincoln, Illinois

More Lincoln

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Statue of Lincoln in Lincoln

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Informational Plaque

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Statue of Lincoln in Springfield at the Capitol Grounds

Interesting Things on Route 66

As you drive Route 66 you’ll notice certain themes.  One theme is directional signs.  Some without mileage and some with them.  So, Tokyo is 6352 miles, but I hate to break the news… It is not on Route 66, nor can you drive there from here.

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Directional Sign

This is something you don’t see everyday…  However, there are a few capitals along Route 66.  Springfield is one of them.

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Governor’s Reserved Parking Space

While you are in Springfield, walk around the capitol grounds.  You’ll see various statues in tribute to various politicians.

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Let’s not forget Senator Everett Dirskin

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Or Steven Douglas

Another interesting Route 66 attraction are the unique signs.  Repurposing an old truck door is a great way to advertise your Mantique Shop.

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A Guy’s Antique… I Mean Mantique Shop

Old Chevys Never Die… They Just Go Faster

That was my t-shirt back in high school.  This particular DeLux may not be the fastest on the road, but it is an example of what you find along Route 66.  Parked next to a house or business you find many old cars.  They are there for decoration.

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Old Chevrolets Dot Route 66

You’ll also find them garnished with fun objects like this antenna topper.

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Need Something for Your Antenna

The Not So Good

Then there is the not-so-good.  This is the stuff that isn’t pleasant to look at.

copyright 2017 Paul Bardotz

Visual Pollution


Finally, there’s the creative stuff you find along Route 66.  Check out this garage’s method of protecting the gas meter.

copyright 2017 Paul Bardotz

Create Use of Rods and Pistons

I give them an ‘A’ for creativity.

End of Day 3

This brings us to the end of Day 3.  We closed the day at the Capital Grounds in Springfield, Illinois.

Side Note for Photographers

By the way, it is worth mentioning that while on Route 66 all of our image processing was done with sponsor software.  (See )  With a certain company’s announcement that they will no longer off anything but cloud-based products for professional photographers, I am confident that these other products will do the job.