Day 3 – Waking Up Normal

Waking Up Normal

Waking up Normal is not something I normally do. Normally, I get up, read my scriptures, shave, shower and… well… you know the routine.  I do not look forward to showering in this disgusting Motel 6 bathroom.  It’s so bad I will not photograph it.  I’ve seen worse at old Boy Scout Camps where you expect to rough it.

We were happy to hit the road this morning.  This area is called the “Normal Bloomington Area”.  There’s university close by, and let’s see what there is to see around here.

First Stop

First stop was this darling old restored service station.  Owned by the City of Normal, it is rented out to a nice lady who told us of a nice place to have lunch.

The gas pumps out front are fakes, but they look nice.  The old clock-style gauges are actually that — clocks. Inside you’ll find art, gifts, postcards and other Route 66 items.  I bought myself a Route 66 hat.

copyright 2017 db walton

Srpague’s Super Service Station

On the corner is one of those cool Illinois Route 66 markers I love so much.

copyright 2017 db walton

Srpague’s Super Service Station Behind the Marker

Yes, it says “You Are Here”.  I guess that means I’m Normal.

copyright 2017 db walton

Normal Marker

Further Down the Road

Further down the road we hit a lot of pedestrian traffic.  What is this??? Kids out of school at this time of day???   Wait… those are college students?  I’m getting old.

As a result of it being a college town, Paul spotted this girl working on her homework.  I think she loved the attention, and I think Paul too a great picture here.

copyright 2017 Paul Bardotz

Paul Captured This Pretty Young Lady Working on Her Homework.

Outside this cafe we met this couple….

copyright 2017 Paul Bardotz

This Couple Was Fabulous Telling Us About Things to See on Route 66

She talked about growing up and traveling Route 66.  They told us to look for Muffler Men and other cool sights (and sites).

After leaving them, we saw this guy sitting on a bucked.  I asked if he was there to make sure people don’t mark up the concrete that was curing.  He said he was hired to do just that.

copyright 2017 Paul Bardotz

Watching Concrete Cure

Imagine that… getting paid to watch paint… I mean, concrete dry.

He was super nice and all three of us had a good laugh.

More to come.