Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch

We are going to see the Gateway Arch (aka St. Louis Arch).  We’ll take Historic Route 66 (next to our hotel) and head in to downtown St. Louis.

On our way I saw some cool neon signs typical for the 1920s and 1930s.  We stopped to take pictures.

A young lady was open a restaurant called   MOD Pizza.  She explained they are an 8-minute (or less) pizza shop.  One price – nothing extra for the topping.  I thought it sounds like a good place for lunch.  She offered to comp our meal, and so we said, why not?  Let’s have a late breakfast/early lunch.

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MOD Pizza on Route 66

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Making Our Pizza

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All the Toppings

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The MOD Crew with Paul and Me

It was a good move.  We had a delightful meal, and after our meal, we photographed the crew.

Everywhere we stop people are friendly and interested in what we’re doing.  Some express their jealousy that we have the time to do this trip.  (It’s more about the expense when you’re in business for yourself.)

The Gateway Arch

I’ve got three words to describe the Gateway Arch:  Awesome, Awesome and Awesome.  What an engineering marvel.  It is HUGE.  You don’t realize how big it is until you are under it.  It is twice as big as any building in San Francisco.

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Under the Arch

Ted Drewe’s

Our model who flaked wanted us to meet her at Ted Drewe’s.  That aside, everyone we met asked, “Are you going to Ted Drewe’s?”

We did.  Great frozen custard with lots of toppings available.  I had caramel topping… of course.  Paul had strawberry.

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Workers at Ted Drewe’s

Chain of Rocks Bridges

Our last stop for the night was another, “Are you going to the Chain of Rocks Bridge?”  I guess we have to go there.

We got to the St. Louis side and discovered we couldn’t park there legally.  In fact, the whole parking lot was blocked off.   Our GPS told us to get on the freeway, go back to Illinois, and enter from that side.

We did as the GPS directed (thanks to Republic Wireless and our map app, we found the Illinois side of the bridge.)

It is closed to vehicles, so we walked on to the bridge.  It is a VERY LONG BRIDGE.  I walked across it and back.  Paul made it about 75% across when me met me coming back.

On the way back we met a mom and her children.  They posed for a picture and we had a delightful talk with them.  She said her children didn’t know what the big deal was about this old bridge.  I explained this bridge took people across the Mississippi as they were on their way to California.

“California?” she exclaimed, as if California was on another planet.

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Family Crossing the Chain of Rocks Bridge

It was busy, but fun day.