Three Days

Three Days

We’re down to three days.  In three days this show hits the road.  I’m both excited and stressed out.  I’ve never done anything like this in my life, however, I hope to turn my nervous energy  in to enthusiasm which you all can enjoy.

I just posted a short video on Facebook (click here).  The car is packed (to the brim) and ready to go.  Tomorrow I rest.

A Test

This was a good test.  I wanted something already packed in the car.  I was able to retrieve it without an avalanche of clothes and equipment.  Because I was able to do this, the packing is good.

Paul suggested I photograph everything so we can repack it as well as my wife packed it.  (Yes, my wife packed the car.  She’s darn good at it, and as long as things go back the way she has them, we will be okay.)

Three Days

Trunk Packed to Capacity

three days

Backseat Packed

Rejection Can Be Good

We’ve been rejected by several potential advertisers/sponsors.  That can be a good thing when you discover something bad about their services or products.  Such was the case with one potential sponsor.

As one of their customers, I had opportunity to contact their customer service to schedule a repair.  Before receiving the item for repair, they were nice.  Once they got the item, the niceness turned off.  It’s too bad because they have a great product.  They need to work on their repair turnaround and politeness.

So, from that standpoint, I’m kind of glad they didn’t respond to our request.

Acceptance is Always Good

On the other hand, the companies who are advertising on our website are great.  We’ve had opportunities to contact their support departments and they are kind, polite and prompt.

It’s kind of funny…

One wireless provider kept playing email ping-pong with me.  However, once I contacted Republic Wireless the deal was completed in the matter of moments.  It was basically… “Route 66… we’re in.”

Republic Wireless I’ve been a Republic Wireless customer for a couple of years now.  So, if you’re wondering why I didn’t go to them in the first place it was simply this…  The other carrier had one of those WiFi hotspot boxes.

I know… stupid reason.  I’m a gadget freak.

My Republic Wireless phone, a Motorola Moto G5 Plus, allows me to use it as a WiFi hotspot.  So, it’s not like I’m missing anything.  My point is this… the other company’s rejection (through a lack of response) turned out to be good because Republic Wireless picked us up.  And, Republic Wireless is just plain great.