T Minus 4

T Minus 4

At T minus 4 days and counting, we pick up the rental car.  I am debating on what to video today.  Perhaps it will be a little update in addition to this post.

Here is how it will go the next 4 days…

Today – we pick up the rental car near the end of the day.  Paul will pack his things in the car and I’ll drive it back to Palmyra.

Tomorrow – I will pack my stuff in the car.  In addition, I will make a checklist of the car’s inventory.

Sunday – I’ll go to church and do my usual Sunday activities like feeding the missionaries.  About the only difference is, I will hit the sack earlier than usual.


Monday I will leave Palmyra and drive to Paul’s to pick him up.  From Paul’s we are heading to South Bend, Indiana, where we will spend the night.  We will rise on Tuesday morning and take the 2 hour drive to Chicago where we will officially start the 2017 Route 66 Photographers Tour.

We are spending our evening in Joliet, Illinois.  Wednesday we head towards Normal.  Yes, the city’s name is Normal.  It’s not unusual, but Normal.  We will have a Normal Wednesday night.