5 Days

5 Days

Only 5 days left.  Paul and I are excited.  I’ve been packing and making runs to the store to get last minute items.  This will be epic.

I will consider doing a vlog tomorrow when we pick up the rental car.  Sorry, can’t tell you what and where we’re renting it.  We will not have an “official Route 66 car”.

Road Tunes

Putting together road tunes is fun.  I’m finding ones that deal with travel, ones that are easy to sing along with, and ones with a good beat.  I found this on YouTube.  Perhaps I can find it on Amazon Music.

I discovered Morgan James a few months ago.  She’s got a soulful sound and puts passion in her music.  I love her style.

XM Radio from the rental car company is about $8 a day.  That’s crazy.  I hope the radio in the rental has a phono jack or USB.

Road Snacks

Road snacks have to be neat and not make a mess.  I’m taking nuts and granola bars.  Sparkling water is my choice of drink.

We plan to stop every hour of driving.  That gives us opportunity to grab something fresh or cooked.  In addition, it allows us to stretch our legs.