10 Days

10 Days

We’re coming in 10 days!  That’s right.  10 more days and we hit Route 66.  So, get your engines running.  It’s 10-9-8-7…. 3-2-1 and they’re off!

10 days - copyright 2017 db walton

I spent the day doing yard work.  Being away from the house and yard for a month+ is a long time.  So, I want to make sure the guys I hired to do my lawn have something to cut, and so it isn’t too long.

Trunk Organization

Trunk organization is going to be a chore.  Two photographers and their gear.  Plus, their cloths… plus snacks, water, music, and more.

We want to be able to stop and take pictures without having to repack the trunk every time.  Perhaps one of us will have the left, and the other the right side of the trunk.  There is a lot of logistics to this.

I actually bought a trunk organizer for my car today.  If we need it for the trip, I have it.  Otherwise, I’ll have a well organized trunk waiting for me in October.

Bay Photo Labs

Bay Photo Labs, our official photo lab, sent me a bunch of stickers with their logo.  The plan is to plaster them where it is okay to do that stuff.  (Illegal graffiti is NOT cool.)