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5 Days

5 Days

Only 5 days left.  Paul and I are excited.  I’ve been packing and making runs to the store to get last minute items.  This will be epic.

I will consider doing a vlog tomorrow when we pick up the rental car.  Sorry, can’t tell you what and where we’re renting it.  We will not have an “official Route 66 car”.

Road Tunes

Putting together road tunes is fun.  I’m finding ones that deal with travel, ones that are easy to sing along with, and ones with a good beat.  I found this on YouTube.  Perhaps I can find it on Amazon Music.

I discovered Morgan James a few months ago.  She’s got a soulful sound and puts passion in her music.  I love her style.

XM Radio from the rental car company is about $8 a day.  That’s crazy.  I hope the radio in the rental has a phono jack or USB.

Road Snacks

Road snacks have to be neat and not make a mess.  I’m taking nuts and granola bars.  Sparkling water is my choice of drink.

We plan to stop every hour of driving.  That gives us opportunity to grab something fresh or cooked.  In addition, it allows us to stretch our legs.

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10 Days

10 Days

We’re coming in 10 days!  That’s right.  10 more days and we hit Route 66.  So, get your engines running.  It’s 10-9-8-7…. 3-2-1 and they’re off!

10 days - copyright 2017 db walton

I spent the day doing yard work.  Being away from the house and yard for a month+ is a long time.  So, I want to make sure the guys I hired to do my lawn have something to cut, and so it isn’t too long.

Trunk Organization

Trunk organization is going to be a chore.  Two photographers and their gear.  Plus, their cloths… plus snacks, water, music, and more.

We want to be able to stop and take pictures without having to repack the trunk every time.  Perhaps one of us will have the left, and the other the right side of the trunk.  There is a lot of logistics to this.

I actually bought a trunk organizer for my car today.  If we need it for the trip, I have it.  Otherwise, I’ll have a well organized trunk waiting for me in October.

Bay Photo Labs

Bay Photo Labs, our official photo lab, sent me a bunch of stickers with their logo.  The plan is to plaster them where it is okay to do that stuff.  (Illegal graffiti is NOT cool.)

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Two Weeks

Two Weeks

Two weeks from today Paul and I jump in the mystery car to drive and document Route 66.  (It’s a mystery car because (a) we don’t know what it is, and (b) we don’t have a car sponsor yet.)  It is exciting to think it is this close.

Jazz Lag

I’m sharing this post from Jazz Lag for your enjoyment.  It has been a while since I shared the song.  It’s time to start getting in the mood.


I’m advertising photography by db walton llc as we go.  For cooperative models I have a nice “capturing beauty” mirror.  So, if you’re along Route 66, and I walk up and ask to take your picture and sign a release, you’ll receive a cool little hand mirror.  Every time you look  in it you’ll be reminded I captured the beauty in you.

The back of the mirror has our Route 66 Photographers logo and website addresses.

Once we start the trip, it might be hard to squeeze your ad in.  If you want mention, do it now.  Visit our advertise link.  Oh, and if you have a specific message for your business, include it and we’ll read it on a broadcast.


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19 Days

19 Days

It is hard to believe, but it is only 19 days until we embark on Route 66.  Time passes quickly.  Most of all, we are excited!


A special thanks to our advertisers (aka sponsors):  presented in alphabetical order

  • Exclusive sponsors
    • Bay Photo Labs – our official photo lab!
    • Republic Wireless – our official provider of voice and data services!
  • Non-exclusive sponsors
    • ACDSee Software – Image processing software.
    • Alien Skin Software – Image processing software.
    • Anthropics – makers of PortraitPro, PortraitBodyPro, LandscapePro and SmartEditor
    • Fine Art by DB – Fine art prints for your home, office and business.
    • MoLight – Photographic lighting solutions
    • Nataliacha Doodley Do – Whimsical graphic arts (our logo was designed by Nataliacha Doodley Do)
    • On1 Software – Image processing software.
    • Topaz Labs – Image processing software.
    • Warner 5 Color – Pad printing.

Not Too Late

It is not to late to jump on the advertising bandwagon.   The last to join was Warner 5 Color.  They print on most anything.  In addition, they can even print on unusually shaped objects.

I shipped Warner 5 Color a few dozen hand mirrors and provided my logo and graphics for the back of the mirror.  They are strictly printers.  Therefore you provide the product to be printed on, and they do the printing.

copyright 2017 db walton - 19 days

Front of the Mirrors

copyright 2017 db walton - 19 days

Back of the Mirrors

After searching all over for something to provide them, I found these small hand mirrors.  Most noteworthy, they suggested I provide something for the mirror surface too!

These are the proof photos they emailed.  I can’t wait for them to arrive.  Furthermore we will be handing these out as a “thank you” to select people along Route 66.

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34 Days

34 Days

34 days and I breakout the road trip music.  Various covers of Route 66 will be in the mix, as well as other great travel songs.

Here’s one of my favorites…

Who doesn’t like Steppenwolf?

What are your favorite road trip songs?

Post them to our Facebook page.

Here are a few more of mine…

  • Anything by the Eagles (especially Take it Easy)
  • Earth, Wind and Fire’s September (we’re leaving in September!)
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Travelin’ Band
  • Johnny Cash’s I’ve Been Everywhere
  • T. Rex’ Get It On
  • Beach Boys Little Duce Coupe (and most anything else by the Beach Boys)
  • and more…

Let’s hear about some of yours.  Our facebook page is

Next Few Weeks

Next few weeks I will be devoting time to getting ready.  On a long trip like this we plan to make stops at stores for provisions, however, there are simply things you can’t forget.

An example of something you can stop and purchase would be shaving cream.  However, if you forget a prescription you might not be able to stop and get it quickly.  Planning is of the essence.

My biggest fear is I’ll have everything I need to take pictures and I’ll forget clean socks.