The other day it was the 64th anniversary of Chevrolet making Corvettes.  They’ve been around for 64 years now.

What do Corvettes have to do with Route 66?

It was a Corvette that characters Tod and Buz cruised Route 66 in the TV series named Route 66.  Since then, Route 66 has been associated with the iconic car.  In fact, Paul and I are often asked, “Are you going to drive a Corvette.”  While it would be nice, there might be some decommissioned sections where a Corvette might be too low to the ground.

As a result of the rough roads, we’re sticking to a large sedan.


It’s official for us.  Only 66 days until this tour hits the road!


We continue to add sponsors.  Here’s a short list of what we lack.  These would become the official (exclusive) _______ of the 2017 Route 66 Photographers Tour…

  • Camera,
  • Lens,
  • Tripod,
  • Laptop,
  • Internet access,
  • Camera bag, and
  • Flash (off camera/TTL speedlights).

In addition, we need meal and lodging sponsors…

  • As little as $25 gets you mentioned on our website and blog/vlog as a meal sponsor, and
  • $100 gets you mentioned as a lodging sponsor.

My Wife’s Comment

I guess not everyone has my vision about this tour.  Most of our sponsors joined us in the last week.  I was complaining about how difficult it is to find sponsors.  My wife then made this statement…

“You might not get a lot of sponsors for this trip, but when they see the quality of your work they will be more ready to listen the next time you take on a project like this.”

There’s good reason I married her.

Here’s the deal… I am to make this page… the one you are looking at right now… the best and comprehensive Route 66 page.  And, if I don’t become THE BEST, it will be up there with the best of them… especially for the photography.

For Your Entertainment

Here’s something for you to enjoy…