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40 Days

40 Days

40 days for this epic adventure to start.  With 40 days before we start we are proud to introduce our newest advertiser/sponsor – Republic Wireless.

Republic Wireless - 40 days

Republic Wireless is our official (and exclusive) voice and data provider for this tour.  What does that mean?

We will use Republic Wireless’ products and services to post updates.  Live updates to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook will be done using Republic Wireless exclusively.

My Personal Experience with Republic Wireless

I retired from AT&T in 2012.  As an AT&T employee I enjoyed concessions which abruptly came to an end when I retired.  My phone bill was now in excess of $200/month for two phones.

As a retiree I wasn’t entitled to any competitive wireless benefits.  As a result, I switched to T-Mobile.  T-Mobile’s prepaid plan seemed pretty good.  $50/phone unlimited voice and data.

A good friend told me about Republic Wireless.  T-Mobile had been my carrier for a couple of years.   Being a former TCP/IP network engineer, the Republic Wireless technology is groundbreaking and worth a shot.  I took the shot.

My $100/month bill dropped to $50/month for two phones.  At times, my Republic Wireless bill has been less than $40/month for both phones.


My wife had difficulty transferring her contacts to our new Republic Wireless phone.   She called and the service representative walked her through the process.  It impressed my wife.

When it comes to calls, the service is great.  The WiFi to cell network hand-off is seamless.  To the best of my knowledge, no other phone service offers this.  Others offer WiFi calling, but once you’re on a WiFi call, you stay on that call or get dropped.  This is not the case with Republic Wireless’ technology.


Because of my Republic Wireless phone, I was the hit of the group on my last trip to Israel.  We had free WiFi in our hostel.  I called my wife and the call via WiFi worked perfectly.  Soon, others in my group were asking to borrow my phone to call family in the USA.

They would ask, “Do we owe you anything?”, or “How much is this call going to cost you?”

“Nothing”, I would tell them, “WiFi calling is free via Republic Wireless and your call won’t increase my bill one bit.”

When they would ask how much my monthly bill is, I would tell them about $18/month (which is what it was running around that time).  They would then add, “I wish I could switch.”

When I asked them why they can’t switch, they would moan about contracts.


That’s another thing I love about Republic Wireless — no contracts.  I purchased our phones outright, and I have no contacts.  In fact, I can switch plans mid-month if I want to!!!

I love Republic Wireless and I’m glad they have agreed to provide us unlimited data while we drive Route 66!

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53 Days

53 Days

Only 53 days until Paul and I hit the road.  Things are coming together rapidly.  It is our advertisers who will help make this trip a success.


After receiving a letter from a restaurant regarding “sponsorship”, I realized some people didn’t grow up in the era when you’d hear on the radio, “This show is sponsored by Brylcream.  Just a little dab’ll do you.”  Sponsorship is another way to connote advertising.

But, since it is coming across that we’re asking for charity, from now on we’ll talk about advertising, and not sponsoring.  My apologies for the confusion it may have created.

Live Advertisements

These are  live advertisements.  You can either let me or Paul wing it, or you can supply us with ad copy that we’ll read in our videos or reprint in our blog.  Here’s an example of how we might advertise one of our “sponsors” (aka advertisers):

“Here’s a great picture Paul took of a local diner.  Paul has processed it using Topaz Lab’s Simplify.  Topaz Simplify allows you, the photographer…”

I think you get the idea.

Advertise Anywhere

You don’t have to be on Route 66 to advertise with us.  Your business can be anywhere.  We will pick up a wide viewer audience geographically.  As a result, if you are looking for customers nationwide or worldwide, this is a great opportunity.

copyright 2017 db walton

Rusty Old Car Along Route 66

Don’t Wait

Don’t wait too long to decide.  Our days are limited and we can only advertise a finite number of businesses and products.

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ACD Systems

About ACD Systems

Introducing our newest sponsor, ACD Systems is one of the largest independent digital image editing and management companies in the world. Founded in Texas in 1993, ACD Systems revolutionized the relationship between analog and digital information. Now based in Victoria, B.C., the company has offices in the United States, China, and Canada. Today, ACD Systems holds seven patents, has products translated into eleven languages, and has produced millions of ACDSee products in use in every corner of the globe.

ACDSee Ultimate 10

As an all-in-one digital asset manager, RAW photo editor with layers, ACDSee Ultimate 10 boldly proclaims that you no longer need to purchase and run multiple applications to achieve your organizational and image editing goals. Combining GPU-accelerated adjustment layers, RAW editing, hundreds of filters and adjustments, and workflow-expediting tools perfected over decades, ACDSee Ultimate 10 makes it easy to create professional-grade photography, original advertising, innovative graphics, and powerful art imagery.

ACDSee Photo Editor 10

Cut straight to the creative part with this dedicated image adjustment and layered editing software. ACDSee Photo Editor 10 boasts the 64-bit power to actualize the original graphics, polished photography, and compelling art imagery you’ve been envisioning. Enhance photos with pixel-based editing tools, precision targeting, hundreds of filters and adjustments, drawing elements, and much more.

ACDSee Video Studio 2

Simple to use, yet versatile, ACDSee Video Studio 2 is value-based video editing without the learning curve. Import your own footage, work with your existing media, or generate your own. Create, edit, split, trim, and merge audio and video recordings, add captions and transitions, and make custom selections to build the ultimate viewing experience. Record anything on your screen or yourself, render in HD, and then seamlessly share your masterpiece on social media from right inside the program.

Online store –

Social Media

Facebook – @acdsee
Twitter – @ACDSee
Instagram – @acdsystems | #creativeACDSee

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The other day it was the 64th anniversary of Chevrolet making Corvettes.  They’ve been around for 64 years now.

What do Corvettes have to do with Route 66?

It was a Corvette that characters Tod and Buz cruised Route 66 in the TV series named Route 66.  Since then, Route 66 has been associated with the iconic car.  In fact, Paul and I are often asked, “Are you going to drive a Corvette.”  While it would be nice, there might be some decommissioned sections where a Corvette might be too low to the ground.

As a result of the rough roads, we’re sticking to a large sedan.


It’s official for us.  Only 66 days until this tour hits the road!


We continue to add sponsors.  Here’s a short list of what we lack.  These would become the official (exclusive) _______ of the 2017 Route 66 Photographers Tour…

  • Camera,
  • Lens,
  • Tripod,
  • Laptop,
  • Internet access,
  • Camera bag, and
  • Flash (off camera/TTL speedlights).

In addition, we need meal and lodging sponsors…

  • As little as $25 gets you mentioned on our website and blog/vlog as a meal sponsor, and
  • $100 gets you mentioned as a lodging sponsor.

My Wife’s Comment

I guess not everyone has my vision about this tour.  Most of our sponsors joined us in the last week.  I was complaining about how difficult it is to find sponsors.  My wife then made this statement…

“You might not get a lot of sponsors for this trip, but when they see the quality of your work they will be more ready to listen the next time you take on a project like this.”

There’s good reason I married her.

Here’s the deal… I am to make this page… the one you are looking at right now… the best and comprehensive Route 66 page.  And, if I don’t become THE BEST, it will be up there with the best of them… especially for the photography.

For Your Entertainment

Here’s something for you to enjoy…