Road Trip Logger Available

Road Trip Logger Available

What is a Road Trip Logger?  In preparation for this epic trip I came up with a book for logging miles… and then I added expenses… and then I added photos.  I call it the Road Trip Logger.  It’s available at Lulu Press.   Here’s the link:


Inside you will find 3 pages for each day.  Here are descriptions of each page:

  • Record your start location, start mileage, date, end mileage and ending location, as well as a description of your expenses.  There’s an additional column if you’re traveling with a companion.  At the bottom of the expense table you can total the columns and calculate the difference.  It also tracks the method of payment (i.e. Visa, Cash, MC, etc.)
  • The next page is for tracking your stops.  You can record long/lat coordinates, marker mileage, car mileage, and add a description.  For example…
    • -87.6242613, 41.8795402,  0 miles, 3457 miles, Start of Route 66 in Chicago, IL
  • The 3rd page of the day is for logging photos.  A description of the photo, which camera use used, starting frame number, your flash card used (I number my cards before a trip), and a check box for when you backup the card.  It’s not meant to document EVERY frame shot, but when you start a new location or subject.

There are 87 pages which means it covers 29 days.  (Yeah… I was hoping for 31 to cover an entire month, but the printer’s limitations were 87 pages max.)