Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day to remember fallen Vets who fought to protect this great nation.  I salute and honor them.  They gave their all for us.


Memorial Day is also a bookmark on the start of the summer season.  It is around the time of year school gets out, weather grows warmer, and we all start thinking about the warm days of summer.

At the other end of summer sits Labor Day.  It bookmarks the end of the summer season.  School starts and people think of getting ready for autumn and the cooler months that follow.

Our Choice

It was Paul’s and my choice to leave after Labor Day.  We’re doing this is hopes to avoid bigger crowds.  In addition, we want cooler weather as we drive through the southeastern states.

This 30+ day venture will be leisurely.  We’re figuring about 2 hours driving maximum per day.  The rest of the time will be photographing and capturing video of Route 66.

Some of that time might be spent searching too.  There are sections of Route 66 that are not part of a contiguous route.  We intend to find them too.

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