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Every Day is a Winding Road

Every Day is a Winding Road

There are parts of Route 66 where the road is straight as an arrow.  Conversely, there are parts of Route 66 that wind and twist.  You’ll see both on Route 66.

Oatman, Arizona is an example of one twisty, dangerous, stretch of road.  Several locations along Route 66 leading up to Oatman have cars that have gone over the side.  It’s part of the attraction of Route 66.

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Route 66 Leading Up to Oatman

Yet, the road leading up to Oatman from the west side is long and straight until you hit the base of the mountain.  (By the way, note in the above photo the condition of the road.  Let me remind you, much of Route 66 is maintained by local businesses and people.)


copyright 2016 db walton - Every Day is a Winding Road

A Straight Section of Route 66

Sheryl Crow

Speaking of winding roads, here’s Sheryl Crow singing Every day is a Winding Road.

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I’ve Been Everywhere

I’ve Been Everywhere

One of Johnny Cash’s best songs was I’ve Been Everywhere.  In the song Cash rolls of a list of locations he’s traveled.  It is the ultimate road trip song.

Of course, the song isn’t specifically about Route 66, but Route 66 is the ultimate road trip.  Route 66 is the Mother Road!  The song does mention Route 66 locations.  In fact, we should see how many Route 66 locations people can list.  Comment on our Facebook page the Route 66 cities mentioned in the song.

You can bet that Paul and Brent will be listening to this while they drive.

Nine Months

Nine months isn’t a reference to pregnancy… it’s how many months before our 2017 Route 66 Tour.  We have the same amount of time to prepare as it takes a human baby to gestate.  (Okay, that was a reference to pregnancy, but nobody is pregnant here.)


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Studying for the Trip

We’ve been studying hard for this trip.  Brent has been reading about decommissioned sections of Route 66.  Some require doing a little searching.  Driving ALL of Route 66 is not as easy as taking I-40 across the country.  (Note:  I-40 parallels Route 66 in many places.)

Because of this studying, we plan to make this the most comprehensive, live, virtual tour of Route 66 ever.  You can tune in daily as we take the trip and see what we saw and did along the way.

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A Route 66 Rest Stop


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Route 66 Bus

Route 66 Bus

In Pontiac, Illinois, there’s a Route 66 Museum.  A feature of the museum is the Route 66 Bus.. .or should I say Hippie RV.

This is one of the things that attracts me to Route 66 — the eclectic nature of what you’ll find.    I’m looking forward to visiting this museum and seeing the Hippie RV.  (Thank you to my friend Gary Morse for bringing this to my attention.)


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