Route 66 is a decommissioned U.S. Highway.  Decommissioning a highway means it will no longer receive Federal funds for its maintenance.  This is exactly what happened to Route 66 piece by piece.

It was known as the Will Rogers Highway.  Kingman, Arizona, (a city on Route 66) was home to actor Andy Devine.  This was a very popular stretch of highway.

When they decommissioned it, some sections became “business loops” along Interstates.  Some were abandoned and left to decay.  Others were adopted by local states and counties.  For example, one section is California became State Route (SR) 66.  All of this makes it literally impossible to drive Route 66 from Chicago to L.A. as one contiguous section of road.

It is common to find abandoned equipment, buildings and automobiles along Route 66.  It is the Ghost Town of roads.

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Abandoned Truck

Used To Be

It is what used to be.  Along Route 66 are abandoned buildings too.   You can’t tell what some are, while others may be obvious.  Because of this,  be respectful and do not remove anything.  If you do, there will be nothing left for others to enjoy.

As we drive Route 66 we hope to identify what those buildings were.  If we find old pictures of before they were abandoned, we’ll see if we can use them.