My grandfather used to walk me to the barbershop.  The barber  pole outside the barbershop always intrigued me.  I’d love watching it spin.

It was a different era 50 years ago.  We had barber poles, oil in cans, pop sold in glass bottles, gas pumps that only delivered on grade of gasoline, and silly little signs along the road that told a joke.  (I’m talking about the Burma Shave signs.)

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Closeup of a Gas Pump

Only men went to barbershops, and women went to beauty salons.  You didn’t pump your own gasoline, and attendant did.  And, if you purchased a bottle of pop from a machine, you might get asked to finish it there so they could have the bottle back.  (Yes, we had bottle deposits back then.)

Route 66 is a journey down memory lane.

For Your Entertainment

Route 66 is even popular outside the U.S.A.  Here’s a great example…