Whenever I think of Route 66 I will remember dancing with my daughter, Natalie, in the middle of Route 66 just outside Cool Springs, Arizona, on the way to Oatman.  Nobody was on the road.  It was off season, and we had people keeping their eyes out for cars coming.

 Paula Sieron

Natalie and Me Dancing (John Kidd in the background)

I wouldn’t advise dancing in the middle of the street unless you take safety precautions.  (Which we did.)  The nice thing about Route 66 in off seasons is it is empty!

For safety reasons, whenever someone steps in to the street, make sure someone else is spotting.  Consequently, the spotter should give clear instructions to get off the road well in advance.  (And, I would NEVER do it on a multi-lane highway or boulevard.  )

Another thing to do is put your flashers on.  You might have people stop and ask, “Do you need help”, to which you simply smile and say, “Just taking a few pictures.”

The Dessert

The section where we stopped was in the Arizona desert just east of Pahrump, Nevada.  This is a beautiful section.  A winding road takes you to the top of a mountain where Oatman, Arizona, is situated.  This little mining town is a delightful place to visit, but most of all, it is a blast to the past.

copyright 2016 db walton

Outside Oatman, Arizona

copyright 2016 db walton

Oatman, Arizona, Main Street

For Your Entertainment

Who doesn’t like George Benson?  Here’s his rendition… time to get mellow…