Bay Photo Labs

Bay Photo Labs

We extend a special welcome to Bay Photo Labs as an exclusive sponsor (category – photo labs) of our Route 66 Tour.

Bay Photo Labs Logo

As we visit diners and small businesses along Route 66 we are photographing the owners along side Brent and Paul.  Bay Photo Labs will be sending those businesses an 8×10 print to hang on their wall.

Personal Experience

Brent’s personal experience with Bay Photo Labs is this…

  • They care about their customers.  Bay Photo offers great customer service.  You are not an account number at Bay Photo Labs.
  • They have an extensive product line, along with some innovations that are only available at Bay Photo.
  • In rare cases where there is a problem, Bay Photo quickly replaces the defective product.
  • Watching their Facebook page you find promotions.
  • BayROES makes ordering simple.
  • It is a business success story.  The owner started in his garage and gradually grew the business.


We offer many opportunities for sponsorships.  No matter where your business is, or what your business does, we can promote you as we travel.    You can choose your level of sponsorship.

Promotion of your business begins as soon as you commit to sponsorship!  That’s right, as we build up to our 2017 tour we will be talking about our sponsors.  This is not a one-time, 30-day promotion, but a year long promotion.

Even after we return, your sponsorship will live on as we do presentations.  Brent and Paul will take their presentations on the road and talk about Route 66.  As they do, they will be mentioning sponsors and how the sponsors made the trip possible.

A Jazzy Version

For your entertainment here is a jazzy version of the Route 66 Theme Song.