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Remembering Glenn Frey

Remembering Glenn Frey

What does remembering Glenn Frey have to do with Route 66?

Many may not realize it, but Route 66 goes through Winslow, Arizona.  For those not old enough to know, Glenn Frey was in a band called the Eagles.  They sung a song named Take It Easy that is about a young man standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona.  Yup, on Route 66.

In my generation, every young man dreamed of standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, waiting for that cute girl to drive by.  I think any young man back then who claims he didn’t have that fantasy is lying.  The song was epic and on everyone’s lips.

Glenn died this earlier this year.  A few years earlier he recorded the Route 66 Theme Song.

Winslow, Arizona

When we get to Winslow, Arizona, we will be photographing that very corner.  Perhaps we’ll find a girl in a flatbed Ford to photograph. (We’ll take volunteers if you want to meet us there.)

copyright 2016 db walton

Winslow, Arizona – A Girl and a Flatbed Ford


Sponsoring us can be specific as saying, “I want to sponsor your Winslow, Arizona, portion of the trip.”   We can talk about what that means and what it will require.  The nice thing about these sponsorships is we’re flexible.

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Next Year

Next Year

Next year will bring some exciting adventures, the least of which will not be our Route 66 Photographers Tour.  We are taking our time, and we’re doing it right.  We plan on averaging about 100 miles a day.

I anticipate some of those days we’ll drive a good stretch before taking any photos.  Other days we’ll be shooting most of the day and hardly doing any driving.  There will be days too when we pass something, turn around, go back and shoot it.


Conversation is the key to the backstory.  The backstory is the story behind the photograph which we will tell as we travel along.  We will converse with the folks we meet on Route 66, take their pictures, and tell their stories.

My last trip down a portion of Route 66 I met Elmer.  Elmer is the creator of the Bottle Tree Forest near San Bernardino, California.

copyright 2016 db walton

Elmer – Bottle Tree Sculpture

The backstory to this picture is, Elmer lives out here in the desert.  He spends his days searching for bottles in the desert.  He brings them home and posts them on a rebar tree.  His forest has become a Route 66 attraction.

copyright 2016 db walton

Bottle Tree Forest – Route 66

Make sure you follow us and be part of this epic adventure for more backstories and photos.

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Our YouTube channel will be available soon.


Sponsorships are available now.  Early-birds get an advantage.  Many of our sponsorships have a first-come/first-serve prioritization.

How does that work?

For example, when we do our nightly broadcast, those who sponsored us first will be mentioned earlier in the show.  You’ll be higher on our web listings, and you’ll get to pick your spot on the car.

It pays to be early!

For Your Entertainment

If you want see some of the places we will visit, watch this cool video by Jakub Gorajek and Sylwia Gorajek set to Depeche Mode’s version of the Route 66 theme song.

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Going Live

Going Live

We are going live today, September 24th, 2016.  Our tour is a little over one year away, and we have a lot of preparation to do.  We are including you, our readers, in our preparation and plans.

Our plan is to broadcast and post every day of the tour.  You’ll see every inch of this historic route.  For those not old enough to know the importance of Route 66, it was the highway that connected the east to California.  There were no freeways.  U.S. Highway 66 went from Chicago, headed southwest, through the southwestern states, and terminated in Santa Monica, California.

Listen to Manhattan Transfer as they describe the journey…

What’s Epic About Our Tour?

We’re going to photograph every mile we can find.  When I say, “that we can find”, I will explain…

Route 66 was decommissioned 1984.   May portions fell in to disrepair.  Some no longer exist.  In many respects, Route 66 became to highways what ghost towns are to cities.

An important part of American history, Route 66 is the Mother Road.  For a while, there was a TV series named Route 66.  Actor Martin Milner was one of the stars of the series (also known for his role in Adam-12).

Here’s a little trivia for you… We are starting our trip down Route 66 the day before Martin Milner’s birthday!  We’ll stop on 9/5/2017 and have a celebratory lunch on what would have been his 85th birthday!

going live - copyright 2016 db walton

Why Sponsors?

You might ask why we are looking for sponsors.   It’s simply this… we have our own businesses that will shut down during this period.  And, like any entertainment venue (and this will be entertaining), sponsors help bring the entertainment to the public.  Sponsors buy ads on TV shows so you can watch the TV shows at no cost.  If it weren’t for sponsors, there wouldn’t be free TV.


In conclusion, we’re driving this road (for however long it will take us), and we’re sharing what we find with the world.  Think of it as Guy Fieri teams with Charles Kuralt armed with cameras.  You’ll be able to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, this web site and more.

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Welcome to Route 66!

Welcome to our Route 66 Photographer’s website.  We are live!

Here is a map to our web site:

  • Home – just as it implies.  That’s our landing page.  You will find the latest blog entries at the bottom of this page.
  • About –  Paul’s and Brent’s biographies.
    • Tour dates – these are estimated dates of where we plan to be.
    • Route links – these are other Route 66 websites.
  • Sponsorships – This tells about sponsorship opportunities.  This is a “must visit” for business owners and managers.
  • Sponsors –  This lists our sponsors.
  • Models – Are you a model?  Do you want to meet us along the way?  Check out this page.
  • Terms of Use – Think twice before spamming us.  You need to read this page before you spam us.

Check Back Often

copyright 2016 db walton

Road to Oatman

Check back often.  We are updating this site constantly.  It will be updated regularly before the tour, during the tour, and for a period after the tour.  Who knows, we may do this again in which case we’ll update it then too.

copyright 2016 db walton

Route 66 Highway

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned because we are offering branded  items.  Shirts, hats and bags are all on the list of Route 66 Photographer tours items will will sell.  Watch our blog for the announcement.